Urte sasoiak

Urte sasoiak

More information: www.urtesasoiak.com

This project brings together many Basque cultural expressions (celebrations, customs, songs, dances, beliefs and costumes) associated with the four seasons of the year. It promotes this remarkable store of custom as a source of knowledge suitable for educational purposes.

Urte sasoiak is a result of cooperation between Labayru Fundazioa and Euskal Herriko Ikastolen Elkartea. Videos, audios and books concerning each season were originally published between 1997 and 2000. To revamp the project, the website www.urtesasoiak.com was set up in 2014 to house and display the original texts, images, audios and videos.

Although the material was initially produced for educational purposes, the current digital version makes it much more accessible to all kinds of users: teachers, students, researchers, scholars or ordinary people interested in Basque culture.

Now available in four languages (Basque, Spanish, French and English), the original project has been considerably enhanced, and being on the Internet makes it accessible from just about anywhere in the world.