An efficient, quality service

Labayru Fundazioa offers translation services to organizations, businesses and private individuals. We translate into and from Basque, both Unified Basque and Bizkaia Basque. Text correction is also available on request.


The translations department at Labayru Fundazioa has a long and trustworthy record of accomplishment. We provide services to organizations and businesses, with a client base currently standing at more than one hundred. Services most often required are translations from Spanish into Basque and Basque into Spanish, although we do also offer translations into other languages. Both Unified Basque and Bizkaia Basque are available as source and target tongues.

Our translation and text correction services tackle anything and everything from administration, agreements, literary texts, audiovisuals and guides, to correspondence, minutes, legal texts and regulations, reports, articles, educational texts, catalogues, programmes and advertising.

Besides translating, the department team undertakes research and imparts courses in translation.