Euskal Biblioteka

Euskal Biblioteka

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Since the creation of Labayru Fundazioa, the Euskal Biblioteka project has been a major undertaking because of its role and importance in research work. It houses all kinds of publications on Basque culture, whatever the language they were originally written in, including literature, linguistics, law, history, geography, music…

Although originally set up as a library, Euskal Biblioteka is today an integral media centre with material in all kinds of supports. It boasts a collection of 62 706 books, some of which are absolutely unique, and has one of the best newspaper and journal archives in the area; it also owns an abundant collection of 13 140 brochures, nearly 90 000 posters, maps, and other material; the photograph archive is huge, combining vintage and present-day photographs; and it holds a vast number of audiovisual files, comprising recordings associated with local popular heritage, literature, and miscellaneous events, among them, 1797 cultural heritage videos, 508 audios from the oral archive, and 1636 DVDs from Batarrita Archive.

Most of the collection is catalogued and available online.

The library regularly exchanges material with other libraries to complete collections, loans and general information.

The Basque Government acknowledges our library as a centre of bibliographical wealth.

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