Plans for regularizing the use of Basque

Plans to design and promote the use of Basque in the public administration and private businesses

The way to regularize our language is to use it in all areas of life. Strategic plans are developed to promote the language in areas where it is underused. The purpose of such plans is to create an infrastructure in order for our customers to use Basque in the workplace.

The Basque public administration has general promotion plans for the use of the Basque language (EBPN and ESEP) in place to ensure town councils and public institutions can attend to members of the public in Basque if they so wish. Following its guidelines, our language professionals develop specific action plans for the administration to enforce the linguistic policy measures of the Basque Government.

Plans for language regularization are also tailored for private businesses to guarantee that any work activity may be performed in Basque.

Our service makes language professionals available to carry out this kind of work in the public administration and in businesses. Our staff assists in the design of the plan as well as in its implementation. Labayru Fundazioa offers a complete service, from formulating a workable plan and providing staff training to translating and producing publications.