Courses in Basque language and culture and courses for people looking to work as translators or Basque language professionals (more…)


An efficient, quality service (more…)

Plans for regularizing the use of Basque

Plans to design and promote the use of Basque in the public administration and private businesses (more…)

Socialization of cultural heritage

Compilation, analysis, preparation and social redistribution of popular heritage (more…)


Urte sasoiak The four seasons in traditions and customs
Popular cultural heritage Collecting, analysing and transmitting popular wisdom and lore
Ethnotoponymy Place names and the history behind them
Guidelines for writing in Bizkaia basque Towards a written register of Bizkaia Basque
Dictionary Bilingual Basque-Spanish, Spanish-Basque dictionary and phraseological dictionary
Ethnographic atlas Mapping the ethnography of the Basque Country
Euskal Biblioteka A collection of books, journals, brochures, audios, videos, posters, photographs, engravings and maps
Literature Works by classical writers, new works, oral literature

Join Labayru!

Labayru Fundazioa has from the start counted with the involvement of a diverse body of collaborators or helpers which indeed constitute its social basis. The foundation’s collaborators make up the Assembly and meet once a year to give their approval of the annual accounts and look at the projects proposed by the Governing Board. The members of the Governing Board are in turn elected from the group of collaborators. Our collaborators take active part in every event the foundation organises and enjoy certain advantages from its services and publications.

Labayru Fundazioa

Labayru Fundazioa was set up in 1977 to research, promote and promulgate the Basque language and its attendant culture. In order to achieve its stated objectives, the foundation is engaged in several areas of endeavour: teaching services, translation work, field research into popular traditions and the local heritage, plans to introduce and regularize the use of the Basque language, ethnographic research, linguistic and lexicographic studies, and so forth. Devoted to Basque themes, the Euskal Biblioteka library is an essential complement for the work the foundation does.