Socialization of cultural heritage

Compilation, analysis, preparation and social redistribution of popular heritage

By cultural heritage, we mean everything associated with daily life, including value systems, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles. The intangible Basque cultural heritage is an essential part of Basque culture as a whole, and we aim to ensure its preservation. To bring such heritage into our homes, we create teaching units, videos and entertainment multimedia materials by means of which language, proverbs and sayings, tales, songs, customs and ways of life are transmitted.

Ondarea gizarteratzea zerbitzua

Cultural heritage is the legacy of a group or society, inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. Heritage is not only manifested through tangible forms, such as artefacts, buildings or landscapes, but also through intangible cultural expressions, which should be equally preserved.

Lifestyles are changing increasingly fast and, as the forms of transmission change, information about each generation needs to be compiled so it can be passed on to the next generation. To understand our attitudes and our environment, we need to listen to our forebears and pass on what they said and did to the coming generations with the currently available delivery methods.

So that children can learn about their parents’ and grandparents’ customs, beliefs, trades, and so on, it helps if they receive the information not only at home but also at school. The information needs to be gathered, accompanied by significant, attractive images, and communicated for it to be processed and introduced into the school curriculum.

In order to give this work continuity outside school, it is associated with leisure activities. We produce a wide range of publications and edit videos illustrating visits to places of interest. Every attempt is made to introduce innovation in the means and modes of transmission.