Courses in Basque language and culture and courses for people looking to work as translators or Basque language professionals

Labayru Fundazioa has been teaching Basque since it was founded. Besides its services in alphabetization, Basque language learning, and preparation for the linguistic profiles required by the regional administration and EGA examinations, it provides courses in translation, further qualifications for professionals in Basque language, and seminars on Basque cultural themes.


Labayru Fundazioa has long experience in the didactical side of Basque language teaching. Apart from offering Basque language learning and alphabetization courses, we also organize courses for people preparing to obtain linguistic profiles or the EGA qualification, C2-level HABE and courses for people interested in Bizkaia dialect.

We are an officially approved centre for holding EGA exams and awarding EGA qualifications. Two exam sittings are held each year, in June and October. We draft the exam questions and hold the exams at our centre. The only stipulation for anyone taking the exam is to have successfully finished the first three levels of alphabetization at Labayru language school.

In addition, we deliver advanced courses in translation and seminars for future Basque language professionals. Depending on demand, we are also happy to run courses on popular songbooks, lullabies, children’s games and other subjects associated with Basque culture.

We teach all year round at our centre, giving yearlong, single-term and summer intensive courses. Moreover, we arrange made-to-measure in-house courses for our customers. Our offer is available to private individuals, public administration, town and city councils and businesses alike.

The teaching aids and learning material produced by our teachers are periodically compiled and edited in publications such as the Eskola apunteak collection and the Basque learning method Aditu!.