Labayru Fundazioa

Labayru Fundazioa was set up in 1977 to research, promote and promulgate the Basque language and its attendant culture. In order to achieve its stated objectives, the foundation is engaged in several areas of endeavour: teaching services, translation work, field research into popular traditions and the local heritage, plans to introduce and regularize the use of the Basque language, ethnographic research, linguistic and lexicographic studies, and so forth.

Devoted to Basque themes, the Euskal Biblioteka library is an essential complement for the work the foundation does. The library houses valuable bibliographical and documentary archives about Euskal Herria and the Basque language. Besides the book collection, it contains a newspaper and journal library, a photograph archive, an audiovisual compilation, posters and other types of documents such as brochures, stickers and calendars.

Labayru Fundazioa is a flagship institution for Bizkaia Basque, particularly as regards its regularization, research and promotion. We compile spoken and written samples of the Bizkaian dialect, prepare teaching aids and learning material, and promote its proper use. 

The foundation offers a range of services: alphabetization of Basque speakers, Basque language learning, translation jobs and Basque usage plans. Likewise, we are very much research-oriented, working principally on Basque language, literature, ethnography and bibliography. Both activities are closely related, as the results of research enhance our services and provide the basic material for our publications.